Running an event is a job, a social role, a mission. It requires understanding the goals, preparation and research, scenario planning and rehearsals, learning the venue, getting to know and briefing co-speakers, understanding the audience expectations. Then during the event the goals must be met, sponsors made happy, the audience satisfied. It’s about interaction, stimulus, networking and enabling. Sometimes about entertainment or celebration. Trust me, I know. Been there, done that.

Presenting your business, pitching or introducing yourself is a skill which may and should be perfected. It’s also and art… or a science. In 2010 alone I hosted over 180 hours of workshops for academic entrepreneurs improving their presentation skills. Let’s work on your presentation together. Hire me to get the job done and achieve your goals effectively and stress free. I speak Polish and English

My Services

  • Event preparation
    • goal setting
    • research
    • scenario planning
    • rehearsals
    • learning the venue
    • getting to know and briefing co-speakers
    • understanding the audience expectations
  • Event hosting
    • Soft start – initial welcome, getting people to take their places or pay attention
    • Introduction – organizers, sponsors, agenda, speakers
    • Initial remarks – reflecting on the event topic
    • Getting the audience involved – conversation, introductions and polling the audience
    • Keynote – short speech or presentation on the event topic
    • Panel discussion – moderating an interactive discussion with the audience
    • Timekeeping – getting the speakers to finish on time, running the event smoothly
    • Networking – getting the people to know each other
    • Competitions – running pitch contests and Jury members work
    • Interviews with the media – comments on the events goals, organizers, sponsors, progress, bottom line
  • Public speaking coaching
    • Goal setting
    • Presentation outline
    • Public speaking rehersals
    • Q&A session preparation
    • Presentation evolution management
  • Elevator speech coaching
    • Goal setting
    • Elevator speech outline
    • Elevator speech rehersals
    • Elevator speech live sessions
    • Q&A session preparation
    • Elevator speech evolution management
  • Event types
    • Conferences
    • Panel discussions
    • Workshops
    • Pitch contests
    • Corporate events
    • Award Galas and Ceremonies
    • TV and Radio Shows

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